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Call their customer service, email them, ask a few questions, see how they respond.

Check the quality of the site design and presentation. It will give you a good idea how long they’ve been around or if it’s just some opportunist Read the text on the site. Bad grammar, mistakes, and a general lack of real information is a sure sign of a bad dealer of replica watches.

Look closely at the photos and make sure they provide many angles, close-ups and that the pictures of Rolex watches are actually their own, If the site has just been hastily put together (as many are) you should be very weary. If the photos of replica watches are of poor quality, and the writing kindergarten level, it’s not likely that they’re trustworthy. Your inquiry should start here. If you are going to buy, go a little further.

Surely a snappy presentation can still be misleading. If the site looks good it may be the only thing they have going for them. This is why you should give them a call before clicking ‘buy’ on the site. Reliable service is invaluable for a reputable company. If they don’t have it, they’re not going far.

Do they provide guarantees as to the quality of their replica watches?

How long have they been around?

Are their prices and the claims they make about materials and function realistic and fair?

Do they offer more than just a few replica Rolex watch styles?

i am a watches collector, i have both authentic and replica watches.

i bought my repica from here recently, they are great. i use to buy from their AE store since 2017.

good luck with your replica!



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What is Noob factory? What products does Noob factory have? Is Noob factory the best? Where is Noob factory?does Noob factory have official website?            

What is Noob Factory? If you have heard about the duplicate watch industry, you may hear about V6, ZF, JF and so on in addition to the N factory. Strictly speaking, they are not factories in the real sense. It's a sponsor, maybe a team. Most of these people do not have the ability to produce watches, but through their rich network and resources integration ability. Contact the best domestic technology suppliers of accessories, custom-made imitation of all kinds of watches they need. Then ask senior clock technicians to assemble, and each duplicate watch finished will be circulated to the market through special channels. Of course, with the improvement of technology and market demand in the whole industry, many capital sponsors will start to invest in new production equipment, improve watch workmanship, or develop various functional complex machine cores. Breaking through all kinds of technical problems makes the level of the whole copying industry more amazing year by year.            

What products does factory N have? Old players familiar with this field must know that in 2015, the N factory had five artifacts. They are ROLEX Submariner ( black and green ), PANERAI-PAM111, AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak 15703, BALANCPAIN fifty fathoms and JAEGER-LECOULTRE Masters. These five watches have long occupied the top of the industry in terms of word-of-mouth and sales. In fact, their works are far more than these, personal rough estimates, up to 2018, there are hundreds of models on the market. Rolex brands include Sea-Dweller ,Daytona, GMT-Master, and other masterpieces. Other brands include OMEGA Sea-master, AP Royal Oak series and so on.  


Is it the best Rep watch manufactured by N factory? I believe that only novice players will have such an idea. At present, the whole retouching industry is in a state of flourishing. There are V6 factories, JF factories, ZF factories, XF factories, MK factories and so on with N factory are at the top level. Moreover, in recent years, many rising factories have been constantly catching up with these predecessors. For example, GF factory, VR factory, Taiwan factory, OM factory and so on, there are many others that have not been mentioned, but also developed a good work to achieve the degree of replication.            

In the final analysis, this is a Grey industry, no one dares to put on the table to sell. Every day when the goods are shipped, there are also special delivery personnel to distribute to each hand, not where to knock on the door to pick up the goods. In addition, neither N factory nor other factories have their own official website. Not now, not in the future. Simply, the establishment of the official website must involve real-name filing and other issues, and then submit their own information, I believe you stand in the position of the initiator of a duplicate table, will never do such a foolish thing. Those so-called official websites of N factories are all personal merchants who use their names at will. Set up an authoritative starting price under the guise of official website. However, after my analysis, I believe you can understand one or two.            

I'm sure none of these businesses will acknowledge their identity except for those who claim to be official.



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Many years ago LV took a manufacture of “fakes” from Morocco to court to sue and they LOST because it turned out than on testing the two products the fake were better quality! Louis Vuitton began placing orders with this factory.


There are  plenty of people(many of whom are wealthy)who buy fake LV,GUCCI,HERMES,etc,handbags and clothing. but I'm talking about the good fakes that nobody can tell isn't real from certain websites...not the garbage you see in flea markets or Chinatown stores. And not only do they save tons of your money but they look amazing too. And by the way..these items aren't made in Chinese sweat shops by children. They are make by adults who also make the major brands merchandise you buy in any regular American store. As they say..the wealthy stay wealthy by not wasting their money.. and bags and clothing..unlike gold or real estate.. ALWAYS depreciates over time and is a waste in the long term.

You can carry a fake bag and wear a fake Watch,but you have saved tons of dollars to drive a REAL Benz and live in a REAL beautiful house.


Do you know that many designer brand bags are made in China (i am talking about the real one) and just package in France. The law only require to display the last destination of assembly.


Enjoy your shopping! Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!


If you want to re-post , please mention the


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To our esteemed customers,


Select an item/add to cart/checkout/(follow the intructions step by step)





click "BUY NOW" to access to the payment page . Contact our customer service if you have any questions.


2.Western Union

Western Union is a very easy and quick way to send and receive payment.We understand that if it is the first time to shop at our site,you will worry about your order.We promise that we will ship out your items and you will love them.
Usually there are three ways to pay by Western Union.
1. using cash,credit card or debit card to pay online
2. transfer at a western union agent location
3. by your phone.
Western Union Payment Option Method Steps to Make a Western Union Payment
Agent Location

How To find a location?
          1.  Call (800) 325-6000, then press 2.
   2.  Visit
Cash            1. Go to a Western Union Agent Location.
            2. Complete a simple ‘send’ form and hand this to the western union agent along with the money you want to send plus the transfer fee.
            Note: International payments made using Quick Pay can be made using the local currency. Western Union will convert the payment into U.S. dollars to sent to us.
            4. Receive a payment receipt with the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
            5.Contact our customer service by email and send us the payment information.
Pay Online at  official site

            Note: you must have a valid email
            address to use this option.
          1. Go to official site
            2. Click on SEND money online (in minutes)
            3. Sign in or register, and continue providing required information.
            4.Fill in the payment information,please make sure the receiver’s First Name and Laste Name are spelled correctly.
            5. Receive a payment receipt with the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
            6.Contact our customer service by email and send us the payment information.


3. T/T

It need 3-5 days to check the payment

Contact our customer service by email and send us your T/T slip copy.




Please send the following information to our email after your transaction:

1) MTCN ---Money Transfer Control Number

2) Full name of the sender

3) Transfer Voucher (for T/T transation only)

4) Order ID and amount 



3-7 business days from the time we confirmed and received your payment.

(10-15 business days during the COVID19 OUTBREAK)

please note that we WILL NOT work on any delivery until the payment is done.



for more information,Please contact our 24/7 customer service :

Email: (customer service)

   (Complaints and Return)

WhatsApp/iMessage    +86 136 0273 5600